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how to get a web nameHow To Get A Web Name

Many people are starting to build websites and want to know how to get a web name. Learning how to get a web name, or domain name, is a very simple process.

The hardest part is actually coming up with a name that you want.

Here are the general guidelines for the process.

Get A Web Name For A Personal Website or Blog

If the new domain is to be used for a personal website or blog, then you would want to include your name in it, or your pen name. Many personal names have already been taken, so you may have to select a domain name that includes distinguishing numbers, a nickname or something unique to you.

Get A Web Name For A Business

Getting a web name for your business is a little more complicated. Most people would assume that the best name for their website would be a .com site with their Business Name in it. This is not always the case.

If you sold a product online such as, e-cigarettes, and the name of your company was something like Products, Inc., then, productsinc, would not be the best choice for your website URL, or domain name. A better name would be, e-cigarettes or something with the product name in it.

Why does this matter? It matters because it will rank better for e-cigarettes than the name of the company would. If you were a local merchant in the Dallas, Texas area, then you would want to include the main city in the domain name. For example;

With the product and location included in your domain name, it will rank naturally, easily and organically for a local product search. It could rank very easy for Dallas E-Cigarette even if it has a lot of competing websites for that search term, just because it is in the domain name.

How To Buy A Domain Name

There are many places to buy your domain name, but beware of hidden costs. These company’s are called; Registrars. Many offer great deals to buy a new domain name for the first year, usually under $12. The catch is when the year is up and it is time to re-register the domain. My first site was ten dollars for the first year, then $40 to renew it. I payed it too, until I figured out how to move it to a registrar with $11 renewal fees.

Because of the needs of many of our clients, we decided to start a web hosting company and domain registrar with great pricing and service. You can get a new domain name for $11.00 at Get a Domain Name.

For only $11 at Skinny Horse Web Hosting, you will get;

  • Web Name / Domain Name
  • Free Shared SSL Security ( other companies charge for this )
  • Yearly Domain Renewal for $11
  • Discounts for Multi-Year Purchases

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How To Set Up Web Hosting

Skinny Horse Web Hosting Company offers great web hosting plans. Offering reliable and affordable web hosting solutions that will fit your business perfectly. If you have only one domain to have hosted, you can get monthly hosting for less than $9 per month. You can get an un-limited domain hosting account for as little as $12.95 per month.

99.9% uptime, 24/7/365 support, user friendliness and tutorials for all of your needs.

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After You Get A Website Name / Domain Name

See, learning to get a web name, or domain name, is pretty simple. You can save yourself some money and heartache if you follow my instructions. I hear so often about how companies are paying way too much money for domain names and hosting. I have helped some companies save over $100 per month just in Website Admin Costs by making changes to their hosting and Registrar accounts.

Many Website Companies have built customer websites using their special web builder software. These companies can charge hundreds of dollars per month. This is just to have a website! It is crazy to pay that much.

View this tutorial on How To Set Up A Website.

Why Ed Daniels SEO Is Different From Other SEO Companies

Ed Daniels SEO is built on the desire to help local businesses succeed. This success is not just about driving more customers to their businesses, it is also about helping the local business owner reduce expenses and make more money!

We want to show the local business owner how to stop paying for ineffective and expensive advertising, unnecessary website expenses, and how to use the ever growing power of the internet to drive local customers to their site.

If you are a company looking to build a website, SEO an existing website or you think you are wasting your money on unnecessary expenses, give us a call and we will see how we can help you.

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