Google Adwords Keyword Tool Research

Google Adwords Keyword Tool Research

What is Google Adwords keyword tool research? It is keyword research using one of the most important tools you can have in your arsenal of SEO weapons. It is a tool that will help you get keyword ideas, the traffic potential of keywords and much more. All keyword research should include Google Adwords Keyword Tool Research.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

So where can you find this wonder tool. You can do a search for “google adwords keyword tool” and you will find it.

Or you can get their by going to google adwords keyword tool.

Once you are there, enter the captcha to continue. Then in the upper right hand corner, you will see “previous interface”. Click on that and you will be taken to the older version. In my opinion, this version is much easier to use.

google adwords keyword tool
 Google Adwords Keyword Research

Doing Google Adwords keyword research is a pretty simple process. Once you are at the older interface, you will see a box for keywords. You can enter more than one, but if you are just beginning, then start with only one. You will have to enter a captcha one more time. After that you can just change keywords and not have to worry about another captcha unless you remain idle for a while.

google adwords keyword research

Type in your keywords that you want to keyword research, and the results come back within a few seconds usually. Sometimes during a search, it may appear that your computer has locked up for a second. Don’t worry, the search process makes it stall for a second while it gathers keywords.

Once it brings back the results, then you can sort the results by search volume, to get them to list by the highest or lowest number of searches.


Google Adwords Keyword Tool Research Data

What does the google adwords keyword tool research data tell us? Let’s break it down.

google adwords keyword tool research

Keywords – The results under keywords are other keyword ideas. They contain different variations of the keyword, similiar keywords and some that are not even close. Most of the time you can find keywords that you never thought of, and sometimes hidden niches within the one you are searching.

Advertiser Competition – This tells you the level of advertisor competition there is for the keyword. The higher lever of green in the bar means that there are more people buying Google Adwords and trying to rank for that particular keyword.

Local Search Volume *July – This number represents the number of people who searched for that term the previous month. If the result comes back with “not enough data”, then that means that the volume of people searching for it was so low that there are no recorded results for it.

Monthly Search Volume – This is the number of people who have searched for that keyword for the current month. This is the number that you want to pay attention to. This is the best way to estimate how many people perform a search for a particular keyword each month.

Add – All the way over on the right are add links. If you have a Google Adwords account, you can add the keywords that you find here to a list for your Adwords account. Then you save the list so that you can copy and paste the results. This makes it easy when you are doing a lot of searches but only saving a few words for your Google Adwords campaign.

Download All Keywords – It is not in the picture, but down at the bottom right of the search results, there is a place that allows you to save all of your search results to a file. You have three choices of the format in which to save your results; text, .csv for excel and .csv.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool Research Tips

The google adwords keyword research tool is something that anyone with a website should know about and use. The more you use it, the easier it will become.

Here are a few extra keyword tool tips:

1. You can start with a broad term, and then dig deeper into the results you get. This is great to find long-tail keywords that have lots of traffic and low competition for them.

2. Add multiple keywords at once. This will bring back a nice group of words that all relate to each other. For example; you could search for “plumber”, and “plumbing”. This will bring back results for both and will save you some time.

3. Save your keyword lists. Save them so you can remember and use them. Many people have analytics software that can analyze lists of keywords to see whether they would be good to target or not.

4. You can sort your results by keywords and search volume.


Google Adwords Keyword Research Services

Ed Daniels SEO specializes in Google Adwords Keyword Tool Research. We find the kewords that your customers are using most, and then we optimize your website for them.

Put our Google Adwords Keyword Research department to work on your website today. Finding the right keywords is the most important part of building a website. Then, using those keywords with proper search engine optimization applied to them, will drive customers to your website, and then to your business.

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Google Adwords Keyword Research Services

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