Google Places for Local Business

Google Places for Local Business

We help local businesses get more customers!

Most business owners only want to know one thing…. How can I get more customers?

Research indicates that Google controls about 85%-90% of the traffic.

So, the answer is that most people appear to be using Google to find local places and products.

Who is getting most of your new customers right now?

Local Business Marketing

Answer #1: The top 3 or 4 listings on Google Places and Maps can send up to 90% of the local traffic.

Even if your website is on page 1 of Google, 90% of your potential new customers are clicking on the top 3 or 4 Google Places results.

Creating a highly optimized listing is the first place business owners should begin. Factors for a good listing include; citations, keywords, GEO targeted images, videos, customer reviews and much more.

Answer #2: Up to 90% of these people could be searching from their mobile phones depending on your type of business. Locksmiths, emergency car repair, towing companies and many other services people may need while they are not at home.

So having a mobile friendly website could be very critical to your business. Statistics show that over 85% of these people will leave a website immediately if it does not display correctly on their phones.

Answer #3: Social Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus 1, Pinterest and LinkedIn are huge opportunities for the local business to reach the local consumers. Not only do they generate new customers that find will find you, but they provide an opportunity for your current customers to share your company and send referrals. Being mobile friendly is also very important here since over 55% of people visit their social sites on their phones.

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