How To Market Your Local Business Online

What Do You Need To Market Your Business Online?

Keeping up with all of the different ways to market your local business online can be confusing and very time consuming. We want to help clear up the confusion and get you more customers.

Online Marketing to the Local Customer Today

Dallas Search Engine Optimization1. A Professional Optimized Website – Over 85% of people looking for local services and products search online first.

2. Mobile Optimized Website – Over 65% of people searching online are doing it from their cell phones and mobile devices. 85% of those people will leave your website immediately if it is not mobile friendly. Search engines already have separate search engines for mobile devices.

3. SMS Text Message Marketing – This is the fastest growing advertising method and is growing every day. Only the biggest corporations realize this and they do not want you to know. They are quietly stealing all of your customers and cornering the market.

4. Social Marketing – Facebook Fanpage, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+. The search engines know the importance of social media and have implemented social into their ranking guidelines. The fact is that there are more people on Facebook every day than on Google, 45% of those people are on their mobile phones. This makes it critical for you to have a social presence.

5. Local Business Listings – Google Places, Maps, Business Directories. If your business is not listed on the major directories you are losing out on most of your local consumers.

6. Video Marketing – You Tube is owned by Google and gets great preference when ranking. Most local companies are missing out on a huge market by not using video. Youtube is the second biggest search engine next to Google. This means that many of your future customers are looking for you there.

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The internet is always evolving and the Big Corporations are the only ones actively pursuing the changes. Local businesses are getting left behind.

As a business owner, you are probably juggling too many tasks and demands already. You need to be able to focus on what you do best, and that is taking care of your customers and running your business.

We provide effective solutions to Online Marketing for local businesses.

We Can Help You Get More Customers!

We have already helped lots of other local business owners get their company website in front of the people searching for their products and services.

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Every website and business is different. So, we evaluate each one separately to decide what the best targeted marketing plan would be. Many times the development can be done in stages, which will help spread out the costs. Call us today to discuss your business and goals.

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