Local Business SEO Special

Local Business SEO Special Offer

Would You Like More Business and Increased Sales? 

SEO Services Can Do That For You! 

Most SEO Companies will charge you
$1500 – $3000 Upfront to Optimize your website.

What if your website still does not rank? 

That Is A Lot of Money for Nothing! 

I will split the risk with you and give you a discount! 

You only put down $500 to get started, 

Then, when your site ranks on the front page of local search results, you pay the other $500. 

If, for some reason, we cannot get your site to rank well, which happens on rare occasions, then you will not be liable to pay the other $500. But we are very confident that you will rank well! 

That is only $1000 for the optimization of your site, and to get it to rank on the front page of the local search results. You have the very affordable opportunity to get your website in front of the people who are looking for you.

You will increase your business and sales when your local customers can find you online! 

This is a limited time, Dallas SEO Special Offer for local business owners, in any city in the U.S., who are ready to take their business to the next level. We want to provide an effective, yet affordable, solution to your search engine optimization needs. This offer will not be available for long, so take advantage of it now. Some conditions do apply, so contact us today to set up a Free SEO Consultation. 

This service is normally priced at $1000, due when we begin working on your site. But for a limited time, we are offering this special to show you how well our SEO Services can help you rank in your local market. This way, if your site does not make it to the front page of local search engines, then you will not owe the rest of the fee. 

We are confident that after you see what our services can do for your website and business, that you will want us to continue developing your website. We can help you to dominate your local market. 


SEO Services Included With The Special Are: 

Meta Tag Optimization – The search engines use these tags to find out what your page is about. We create separate targeted keyword rich Title Tags, Description Tags, H1 Tags and Keyword Tags for each page. This allows each page to rank for its specific keyword. 

Site Structure – We analyze and correct problems with loading times, navigation, internal linking, site maps, page structure, robots.txt file, fix broken links and anchor text.

Keyword Research / Keyword Optimization – We will start by researching your market to find the most searched for keywords. We use some of the best research tools available to dig deep and find literally lists of keywords that are relevent to your business. These are the keywords that people use to find your products and services. Then, we will optimize your homepage for at least 3 of those specific keywords. This will often uncover many other keywords that you will want to target next by creating new pages with keyword rich content.

Content Management – Once the keywords have been selected , we will look at the content. The selected keywords for the page must be used in the content to get that page ranked for the keyword. We makes changes to the content, where needed, to assure it has the proper keyword density for maximum keyword and search engine optimization.

Site Submission to local business directories, local directories for main search engines, RSS feeds and more. This will get your site more exposure, crawled by the search engines more often and faster, and that leads to more customers finding your site. ( Normally a $500 service )


This is how the SEO Special works; 

For $500, we optimize up to 10 pages of your site. Then, when your site ranks on the front page of local search results for the 3 keywords that were selected, you will be billed for another $500. If, your site does not get ranked on the front page of local search results for the three keywords, you will not be billed for the second $500. 

That is $500 for optimization and $500 after your site ranks on the front page of local search results for the selected search terms. Compare these services with other companies that will charge you $1500 – $3000 upfront for the same services

Though we cannot absolutly guarantee that your website will rank on the front page, we make this offer because we are confident that we can get most companies listed on the front page of local search results in a short time. That is why we will wit until your site ranks to collect the rest of our fee.

Why this low special price? Because I want to help local companies succeed in their local markets by offering an affordable solution to their online marketing strategies! Really small companies may be eligible to receive more discounts, contact us. 

If you would like to get started, or if you have any questions, contact us today! 

Call us at 214-469-5418 or just fill out the form and hit submit.

Give Me The SEO Special!

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