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Mobile Websites For Your Local Business

The next big change that will affect every business, and how your customers find you, is Mobile Websites. It is predicted that by 2013, an estimated 95% of all searches will be done from personal mobile devices.

Current statistics about your potential customers.Mobile Websites

Over 60% of all people are searching
online from their mobile devices.

Over 90% of all people search online
before they buy from off line businesses.

The demand for mobile friendly websites is huge and getting bigger everyday!

Yet 99% of all businesses do not have one. In fact, various search engines have announced that to be included in their mobile search engines, you must have a mobile friendly website. Your regular website may be doing very well on regular search engines but if it is not mobile friendly it will be excluded.

If you are among the 99%, then there is good news and bad news. The bad news is that you need one. The good news is that when you get your mobile website set up, optimized and ranking in the mobile search engines, you will be ahead of 99% of your competitors. Now that’s an edge on the market!

Your Benefits From A Mobile Website

There are many benefits to having your mobile website set up right now.

  • Already Over 60% of People Searching Your Industry Do It On Their Mobile Devices
  • Get A Huge Jump On 99% of Your Competitors
  • You Could Increase Your Sales 60% or More!
  • Get Ready for the New Exclusive Mobile Search Engines Coming Soon
  • The Cost Is Low Right Now, but Rising Quickly

If You Are A Local Retail or Service Business
85% or More Will Be Searching From Their Phones!

Setting Up A Mobile Website

Step 1

The first step is to correctly set up a mobile specific sub-domain on your main domain. This so the search engines will recognize it as your mobile site.

  • Example – m.yourdomain. (com, net, org …)

Step 2

Next is to upload the files to your hosting server and fully customize it to your specifications.

Step 3

Add the mobile device auto-detection redirect code to your main website and it is ready to go.

This is cutting edge mobile technology that can be fully customized and mobile search engine optimized just as any regular website.

Cutting Edge Mobile Website Software

  • Customized to look like your regular website
  • Detects and Auto Re-Sizes to fit all mobile device screen sizes
  • Search Engine Optimized for high ranking ability on mobile search engines
  • Click-To-Call functions for all phone numbers
  • Easy Contact Form and Submission
  • Your Location Map with full “Get Directions” capability
  • Link back to view your regular website
  • Add images
  • Display Specials, Coupons, Special Events
  • Display your services and products
  • Add links to the mobile versions of Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn ( Yes, they even have mobile versions of their websites )
  • and much more

Get your local business ready for the mobile revolution ahead and take advantage of our special discount.

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