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Search engine optimization is the process of making your website friendly to search engines for indexing and ranking, and to make your website easily findable by the people who are searching for your products and services. Having your website properly optimized can mean the difference between being found on page 1 or not being found at all. The fact is that 90% of all people will not look past page 1. Many times a website will jump to page 1 quickly once the proper SEO is performed on it.

National and Local Business SEO Services

All packages come with complete on-page optimization of your website which includes;

  • Website Basic Structure Optimization – Address slow load times, image sizes, content analysis and much more.
  • XML and HTML Sitemap Creation – Tells the search engines and your visitors what pages are on your website.
  • RSS Feed Creation – For mass syndication of your website and content.
  • Robots Text File Creation – Tells the search engines what pages of your website to crawl and index.
  • Image Alt Tags – Tells the search engines what your images are about. It also makes your images available to mobile users and friendly to the sight impaired.
  • Create H1 – H6 Tags – This tells the search engines what the pages on your website are about and will increase your search rankings.
  • Custom Title Tags – This is the most important tag on your website. Its position in the html of each page, along with keyword usage is very important.
  • Custom Description Tags – This is the second most important tag on your website. Having it structured correctly can dramatically increase your search rankings.
  • Custom Keyword Tags – This tags should contain you most important keywords and reaffirm what is in your title and description tags.
  • Address Canonical Issues – Many sites can be viewed in their www and non-www versions. Search engines see these as two separate pages and will split the page rank between the two.
  • Keyword Research – We will research your business and how your customers are searching for you. Then implement the most common keywords for your site.
  • Set Up Google Analytics Software and Sitemap Submission – This is an important step that allows you to see where your traffic is coming from, what pages they visit on your website and where they exit your site from.


Basic Search Engine Optimization Pricing

Because every website is different, we will look at your site to determine what your exact needs are. This allows us to price a project fairly without charging you for the services you do not need.

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* Discounts may be available for smaller local businesses. Call us for details and to discuss your budget limitations.


Advanced Monthly SEO Services

Once your website is initially optimized and the search engines have found your site, indexed it, and ranked it for certain keywords and phrases, then it is time to apply more advanced SEO techniques. These techniques will add credibility to your site and will strengthen and increase your search engine rankings, which leads to more traffic and sales for your company.

Pricing will be determined by the level of Advanced SEO Services that your website may require.

Get details about our Advanced SEO Services.


Local Business Directory Submission

Special Local Business Directory Submission – $350

Getting your local company or business listed in the Local Business Directories can dramatically increase the amount of visitors you get to your website and store. It targets the audience in your specific geographical area that is searching for your products and services. This service can put your site in front of thousands of local customers that are searching for you. Includes Google Places, Yahoo Local and Bing Local.

Learn more about Local Business Directory Submission.


Backlinks Service and Backlink Solutions

The first goal for any page on your website is getting it ranked for your targeted keyword through proper SEO. Depending on the amount of competition, and their ranking power, your website may require more than just proper SEO to rank high on the search engines.

You will need to build quality backlinks to your site. Getting links from higher page ranked websites will add credibility to your site and get you higher page ranking. We have affordable link building plans, and if you to go with a monthly SEO plan,  you will receive links at discounted prices as a part of the package. Read more about Backlinks Service.

Check out our Backlink Solutions.


SEO Consulting Services

You may be a small or medium sized business owner, who prefers to manage your company’s website yourself and just need a little help with SEO. We can answer any questions you may have about search engine optimization, give you step by step instructions on how to perform certain tasks to your website like; installing google analytics software, how to code your meta tags, tools to use, and much more. We charge $50 per hour, and partial hours will be billed as a complete hour.

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