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Just like any city across the United States, local companies in Rowlett, Texas are experiencing a drop in business. Our Rowlett SEO Services, or, Rowlett Search Engine Optimization Services, have been helping these companies change that.

Ed Daniels SEO, is located in Rowlett, Texas. I have been raising my family here for over 13 years. My wife of  20 years, and our 3 children, love living in this great city. I have watched the population increase quite a bit over these years. I have also noticed a disturbing trend that has been occurring, but it is no different from what any city in America has been experiencing.

Many local businesses have been forced to shut down. They were unable to get new customers to their business, and lost the old ones. As the population grows, the demand for their products or services should grow too. They should be getting more customers. If lack of consumers is not the problem, then what is?

Rowlett SEO Saves Local Business

The local consumer must be finding somewhere else to purchase their products and services. Local businesses in Rowlett have the same need as any other local business anywhere. They must have a professional website that is specifically targeted to the Rowlett consumer. And they must rank on the front page of search results.


90% of local consumers search online before they leave the house!

95% of these people will not look past page 1 of the search results!


This means, that if your company does not rank on the front page of local search engine results, then most of your prospective customers cannot find you. If they do not find you, then they will find the large corporations, or your competitors. You will lose customers before they even leave home. Even if you are closer or provide your product for less, they might not know that you exist!


Companies that can benefit from Rowlett SEO Services are:

  • Rowlett Dentist
  • Rowlett Auto Mechanic
  • Rowlett Restaurants
  • Rowlett AC Company
  • Rowlett Plumbing
  • Rowlett Electrician
  • Rowlett Locksmith
  • Rowlett Computer Repair
  • Rowlett Accountant
  • Rowlett Lawncare

The list can go on to include any type of business you may be in. The bottom line is this; If you depend on the local consumer for the majority of your business, then Rowlett SEO Services should be applied to your company’s website.

SEO Rowlett Texas

Ed Daniels SEO, specializes in local Rowlett SEO Services. And we want to help our local Rowlett Community by offering special Rowlett SEO discounts.

In an effort to do our part in helping to strengthen the economy in the City of Rowlett, we have added extra savings from our already affordable pricing.

If you are a local Rowlett Business Owner, contact us today to find out more, and how you can take advantage of our Rowlett SEO Special and get your free website analysis, consultation and quote.

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