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Many local businesses in New Jersey are beginning see the need for Local New Jersey SEO Services and New Jersey Website Design. They have seen the trends of their local consumer change. They know that to survive in today’s market they must change their marketing strategy.

The local consumer in New Jersey is no different than any other local consumer in any other city across the United States. The studies show that over 90% of local consumers will search the Internet for what they are looking for before they leave home. That means that most people know where they will go to buy their product because of what they find online.

Targeted SEO for New Jersey Local Companies

What is targeted local New Jersey SEO?

Let’s say a Dentist has an office in a smaller city of New Jersey, for example, New Brunswick. It would be great to get their website to rank for the keywords “Dentists” because there are a lot of searches per month for that keyword. Let us say that there is 1000 searches per month. But the amount of competition is also high because you are going up against all of the other Dentists in New Jersey.

Now, let’s say that the keyword “New Jersey Dentist” has 250 searches per month. There are less monthly searches but there is also a lot less competition for this keyword.

Targeted Local Traffic

The initial analysis of traffic for both of these terms is pretty obvious.New Jersey Dentist gets four times the amount of searches per month. These 1000 searches are coming from people in all areas of New Jersey. Local consumers may not want to drive that far, so you may only receive 1% – 5% click through rate, that is 10-50 people. Resulting in 1 – 5 new customers per month.

When we look at the traffic for New Jersey Dentist, we see traffic that is already geographically qualified.

  • If your site is #1 on the search results, you could get as much as 50% of the traffic, 125 people, and sometimes more.

That could result in roughly 12 new customers per month. How much revenue does each new customer bring to your business?

These numbers are examples only and the results can vary depending on factors such as; your location, buying trends in your area, competition and a number of other variables.

Do you see how specifically targeting the smaller local areas you can get more qualified prospects to your website. The traffic may be less, but the percentage of buyers goes up tremendously. Now you will have your business in front of the people who are ready to purchase your goods or services.

Local businesses in any of these specific areas should be targeting the local consumers that are located there. The traffic that your website will receive is qualified and more likely to purchase your product or service.

Why Ed Daniels SEO Services for your Local Business?

We are very confident that we will get you on the front page of local search results. Our track record speaks for itself. We have lots of happy customers and can provide references upon request, or you can look at our testimonials page.

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