What is a SEO?

What Is A SEOWhat is a SEO?

If you don’t know what SEO is, don’t feel bad. Because 99.9% of local business owners have never heard of SEO either, until lately.

By now though, everyone is beginning to hear a lot about the importance of websites, their local markets, and of course, good SEO. Search Engine Optimization, or Search Engine Marketing, is quickly becoming the number one concern and focus for local business owners who want to survive in todays business world.

So, what is a SEO?
SEO is;  Search Engine Optimization.

The Common Mistake About Search Engine Optimization

Most people think that getting their website ranked #1 on the search engines for their selected keywords is SEO. That is actually the goal of good search engine optimization. When you reach #1, you have mixed the neccessary ingredients of good SEO to make it happen. Therefore, SEO, or search engine optimization, is more of a strategy, or a plan.

Now, what is a SEO Plan?

Before you even begin to build a website, you must do research. This is where the foundation of everything will be layed.

First, you must consider your product from the eyes of the consumer, your customer. Understand how they will be looking for your product (the keywords they use), how they use your product, how it helps them, the reasons that they need it, or want it, etc. This helps you understand how you are helping them, and how to present your solution to them.

You should also spend some time checking out who your competition might be for the main keywords you found. Many things like; the age of their site, the number of backlinks they have coming to their site, popularity, on page SEO, etc., will be signs of how hard it might be to rank for certain things.

What is Web SEO?

Now that you have your keywords, and know who your targeted consumer is, it is time to build an SEO friendly website. This will include a good site structure, internal linking structure, Keyword Rich Title tags, H1 tags, H2 tags, Description tags, and so on. You should have a separate page that is targeted at each keyword.

Once you know what pages your site will have and what keywords they target, you need to create keyword rich content to go on them. It needs to be good, quality content that the reader will find useful. If it is not good content, search engines may not index the page at all for your targeted keyword.

Then after you have published your new pages, you must get backlinks to them. These are like votes for your site and are one of the most important parts of the process. In order to get your site to keep ranking high in the search engines you must get a lot of links. This is where you do things like blog posts, forum posting, article writing, ads, paid ads, business directories and so on.

So, What is a SEO?

SEO is a process, strategy or plan, with the coveted goal of ranking #1 for a selected keyword that brings tons of traffic and sales.

There is no one way to do SEO. It is a combination of techniques that every website will require a different combination of to be successful. Search Engine Optimization is a lot about seeing what works and going with it, and seeing what is not working and changing it. It is no one thing that you can do because each site is different and requires a different approach.

Other Main Elements of Effective SEO

  • Lead Capture
  • Email Marketing
  • Blog Posting
  • Forum Posting
  • Article Marketing
  • Paid and Free Ads
  • Directory Listings
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing


These are only a few of the many parts that go into a good SEO strategy. Achieve good search engine optimization, can take a long time to do. As a small business owner, you probably do not have the time to spend doing it. After all, you have a business to run.

Here at Ed Daniels SEO, we specialize in finding the right method of applying proper Search Engine Optimization, SEO, to your website. Whether you need a website deigned, site optimization, content development, backlinks service, social media marketing, video marketing, lead capture, we are ready to help meet your needs.

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