What Is SEO?

What Is SEO? What Is Search Engine Optimization?

What Is SEO?

SEO is search engine optimization. It is the process of making your website friendly to search engines by telling them what your website is about. This is what helps them rank your website correctly.

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By performing the proper SEO on your company’s website, you can put your business in front of your potential customers and allow them to find you easily.

There are two main parts of Optimizing your website for the Search Engines;

  • On Page Optimization– There are major elements that go into the content and structure of your website. Such as; meta tags, internal linking, content creation, keywords, keyword density, robots.txt, sitemaps, canonical redirects, phone numbers, addresses and proper html.

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  • Off Page Optimization– These are the major elements that influence search engine rankings that are not contained on your website itself. These include Backlinking or the links pointing back at your website, Business Directory Submission, Ads, Article Directories, Social Marketing, Pay Per Click and more.

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