Why Use Word Press?

WordPress for Small Business Websites

For many small and medium sized local businesses, spending thousands of dollars on building a website is not something they can afford to do. Having a high monthly cost to maintain their website is also not an option. Using WordPress to build a company website presents an afforable solution.

WordPress is a free blogging software that is SEO friendly, easy to use and fully customizable. The only expense needed to maintain the website is the Domain Hosting. Web Hosting cost is usually between $9 -$30 per month depending on where you go.

 Main Benefits of WordPress

Free Website Software – WordPress 3.0 Blogging Software is free to everyone. First you purchase your Domain name and set up web hosting. Then in your hosting account control panel, most hosting companies have the option to automatically install Wordpress to your website.

Free Themes – Once you have installed WordPress to your site, you have the option to install a theme. There are many premium themes that you can pay a lot of money for, but there are thousands of free themes to choose from. You can get a very clean and professional looking theme that you can customize the way that you want them.

No Monthly Charges – Other than monthly hosting cost, your website will be expense free. There are no monthly software maintainence charges and updates are free. Many site builder companies will charge from $50 – $500 per month for their website software and hosting.

Free Add Ons – One of the best parts of WordPress is how easily it can be customized. There are thousands of free plugins that you can get and add to your site. The plugins can enhance your site and its functions. You can easily add these free plugins to automatically install; shopping carts, contact forms, analytics, site map generators, spam filters and much more.

SEO FriendlyWordPress 3.0 Blogging Software is loved by search engines. Most of the themes are designed to be search engine optimized. They have been written using a code that is easily indexed by them. There are plugins you can install to easily search engine optimize your site. Easy to set up and loved by search engines.

You can clearly see the economical advantage that Wordpress offers to the small and medium sized companies. You can maintain a website with WordPress for less than $10 per month. It is easy to use and customize. It is SEO friendly and can rank very high in search engine results because of the way that it is structured. You can choose from thousands of free, fully customizable themes to create the professional website that you want for your company.


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